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Dr. Chandler Welch


Licensed by the State of Florida

Member of the American Counseling Association

Doctorate in Psychology from Boston University

My Perspective

The people I work with are emotionally healthy

who realize that their past experiences have had an influence

on who they are today.

Therapy is not about changing who you are.

It's about becoming stronger about yourself

- and maybe your relationships.


Therapy Sessions

Each session lasts for one full hour - usually once a week.

Sessions are $80 per session 

 (with flexibility for many clients)

My Thoughts
"because tomorrow doesn't have to be the same
as yesterday"

Success in love is about confidence, self-esteem and being grounded and capable of mature and serious give and take. 


It's about doing what's best for you and your partner

in the most intelligent,

healthy way possible.


The key to dealing with anxiety is understanding that your brain is working to protect you from the original cause of the anxiety.


That's why some people become obsessive - it's an effort to deal with the anxiety.



Separate yourself from the critical

and negative emotional messages from the past which cause you to beat yourself up.


Most uncertainty and anxiety is driven by anticipation of critism or rejection and the impact it has on you.


CONTACT (questions  or to request an appointment) 

777 Brickell Avenue

Suite 500

Miami, Florida 33131

 (786) 410-2855

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