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SUCCESS - Personal, Relationship, Career
  • Building success is about being personally strong and emotionally smart about yourself and your relationships. It's about doing what's best for yourself in the most intelligent way possible.

  • Keying in and observing the other person to understand and identify their feelings, their agenda and needs is crucial to success.

  • The plan has to make sense - it has to resonate with who you are. It has to fit your needs. It has to fit what is most important to you.

  • The plan involves identifying the emotional messages from the past (and maybe the present).

  • Understanding the negative energy and critiques from the past that have been inhibiting your success is a key part of the process.

  • The key to dealing with anxiety is to understand that your mind is working to protect you from what's driving the anxiety to begin with. 

  • So our mind tries to keep pushing the original reasons for the anxiety off into the corner - so we don't keep feeling those feelings. 

  • And we repeatedly or obsessively focus on almost anything else or anyone else - we still feel the anxiety but we're not so focused on those original thoughts or feelings.

  • The Solution: to identify, understand and emotionally process what is driving those thoughts and feelings behind the anxiety. It's a process that works.

  • Separating yourself from the negative emotional messages from the past creating negative, self-critical feelings about yourself - is key.

  • Because most uncertainty about ourselves is driven by the anticipation of criticism or rejection.

  • A realistic perspective on yourself - and having a reason to get out of bed each morning helps us focus on what really matters  to us and what's best for ourselves.

  • Because the negative critiques and negative energy from the past has never been in your best interest.

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